If Computer Errors Were Haikus

 Three things are certain:
 Death, taxes and lost data.
 Guess which has occurred.

 The file you need
 might be very useful.
 But now it is gone

 Windows NT crashed.
 I am the Blue Screen of Death.
 No one hears your screams.

 Yesterday it worked.
 Today it is not working.
 Windows is like that.

 Chaos reigns within.
 Reflect, repent, reboot.
 Order shall return.

 Wind catches lily,
 scattering petals to the ground.
 Segmentation fault.

 With searching comes loss
 and the presence of absence:
 File not found.

The Web site you seek
 cannot be located but
 endless others exist.

 You step in the stream,
 but the water has moved on.
 This page is not here.

 Stay the patient course.
 Of little worth is your ire.
 The network is down.

 No keyboard present.
 Press F1 to continue.
 Zen engineering.

 This site has moved.
 We’d tell you where, but then
 we’d have to delete you.

 First snow, then silence.
 This thousand dollar screen dies
 so beautifully.

 Printer not ready.
 Could be a fatal error.
 Have a pen handy?

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